latex vs acrylic paint for furniture

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I’m really concerned about brush strokes, too. If that is the case, if it were me, I would have used an alcohol or water based dye on the wood. Oil paint sticks to anything. If it’s a high-traffic table, I would suggest Spar Urethane which is an outdoor-grade polyurethane and works wonderfully on kitchen tables. Now, I’m learning about the beauty/benefits of oil based paint. Poly and wax are two completely different things. These middle-of-the-road sheens both dry to a slick surface that’s easy to wipe clean than less-lustrous finishes while hiding scratches and scuff marks that a more reflective high-gloss sheen would emphasize. Hi Mike, But before that, to give the primer an even better adhesion, wipe the hole piece down with mineral spirits or naphtha(both available at any hardware store) to cut any existing wax/polish buildup. I am getting ready to paint a pine cabinet white. Acrylic Paint. Dye wood black If we get a primer and oil based paint how do we apply it?? Also, it contains petroleum distillates, which will stink awful if you use *any* open flames in the home. It’s increasingly used instead of oil-based paint on furniture because it emits less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and noxious fumes. Then, you can increase the sheen using steel wool if need be. If there are children involved, I’d end with Poly. Satin or above – otherwise, it’s a pain to wipe clean. Lastly, painting a laminate tv shelf, which I know is a no-no – but my only option at this point. Then you wouldn’t have the incompatibility problems you had. Hey Kristen – as a professional finisher, I too feel like crying sometimes! There is not “rule” to reducing the material. So he is sanding it down!! Where latex paint will become damaged from a wet glass, just overnight, oil paint remains impervious to this sort of everyday abuse. What brand poly? … That being said, it’s always advisable to use a primer – just to be absolutely sure. It’s very watery, and make sure you put on a couple of coats, and get a nice, even white appearance. Then my next question is can I spray the primer and oil based top coat with an airless gun, one typically used in automotive applications?? Gretchen – if you’re concerned with brush strokes, you’re going to have to step up to a sprayer. Hi Mike, I am considering painting my kitchen cabinets. Manasa Reddigari, What’s the Difference? What do I do now? I wondered what you used to distress your furniture pieces after sanding off the oil based paint. It’s just not worth skipping, all to find out 6 months later that your paint is failing. I’m not against using oil or even the waterborne (sp?) Heather – if brush strokes are an issue for you, your only option is spraying. Oil-based enamel paint is known for its annoyingly strong odor. #4 How many coats of polyacrylic to achieve best durability/protection? Would I need 2 coats of primer? By Acrylic paint, we usually mean the kind of water-based paint that is mostly used in paintings and art projects. There’s no rubber latex in paint with the name. Do you think it needs a protective coating over the paint? Not sure if it would work using the same black oil-based stain and painting with an oil-based enamel..sanding the edges and sealing with the polycrylic or something along that line. That’s a very rough, superficial comparison, but accurate. When you paint something with wet paint, the paint flows as you brush or spray it. Is there a primer to apply after sanding that I can use for all of the pieces or will I need to primer . I want to paint some old furniture white. If you are going to distress the furniture piece after painting, i recommend waiting a full month after painting with oil or latex paint. What’s the best paint to use on furniture? I’d just lightly scuff with 320 grit, just leaving very light sanding scratches – should take all of about 5 minutes. and then paint with the Stulb’s. I painted a dresser with latex paint which was previously painted with Rustoleum oil paint. Spraying paint and finish(if you are proficient) leaves a ‘factory’ finish. Oil paint is very durable. That way you can get in all the corners, and rounded parts as well. #1 – If it were my wife’s piece and she was in a ridiculous hurry to put it where it’s going(very plausible scenario by the way), I’d spray the top coat 2 days later. I know I put more work into this dresser than what’s it’s worth. The price of chalk paint is unbelievable, you couldn’t pay me enough to bother even trying it, I have always gotten good results from latex and acrylic paints, and I sure as heck wouldn’t spend that much on paint without going to the work to make sure it is going to look good! Color doesn't matter since you will be painting over it. As always, I suggest that you clean with Naptha, scuff with 180 grit paper, then 2 good coats of BIN primer. Thanks! I have done so (without removing the wax) and one day later the paint still seems very wet. Currently they are pickled white color which is fading and showing its age (25 + years). There are good acrylic paints made with less fillers for furniture but an even better option came on the market in 2010 when Sherwin Williams formed a Water-based Acrylic Aklyd. You recommend a paste wax finish over the paint for best look and durability, but I am reluctant to put a wax n things that will be handled (backs of chairs, table edges, etc.). Yes, BIN shellac based primer is my go-to primer. In latex paint, the carrier is typically water with glycols ethers as a solvent. Interested in hearing your advice. This includes acrylics, vinyl acrylics, styrene acrylics, and more. You should be able to spray latex or oil with the 2mm tip set(which comes with it, or used to anyhow). If it is a kitchen table, I would recommend Polyurethane. What exactly do you mean by “flat”? I went to sherwin Williams today and was told to scuff the table and paint with oil. Every time I apply my final coat of varnish on a previously painted table top, either cream or white, no matter how careful I am or how hard I try I always seem to have tiny little black bits in the finish, similar to small back flecks or threads. HELP!! You agree that may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. Oil based paint takes a while to cure, and it’s a pain in the butt to clean up but once it’s cured,  it’s the real deal. The oil based paint cures pretty hard, so it’s not really necessary to use a top coat, but you can if you desire. 2) sand 120 grit, then 180 grit 4) paint with whatever you want. Oil paint stinks – a lot. However, in some circumstances, an oil or alkyd-based paint may also be used. Latex paints are water-based, while acrylic paints are chemical-based. I’ve already purchased MinWax Polyacrylic clear top coat so would like to stick with that, using necessary procedure to achieve best results. WD Lockwood has some great water based dyes you can mix up. I don’t actually know what the finish is, all it says on the Next website is ‘ivory painted finish’. But, for all intents and purposes, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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