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For hard or rejuvenating pruning, prune the older stems or canes in the late winter while the dogwood shrub is dormant. Is it dying? In addition to the red stemmed varieties, there is a yellow one. Variegated foliage and brilliant red winter stems of C. alba, but only two-thirds the size. Saved by Lee Hart. Ivory Halo Dogwood Ivory Halo Dogwood shrub is very similar to its cousin, the variegated red twig dogwood but it is a dwarf variety. Compact habit. Add to Your List. This will encourage the growth of new shoots each year and help control the overall size. How to Prune Variegated Dogwood. Hello, In the spring we planted 4 Ivory Halo Dogwood bushes who appear now with brownish spots. White-Margined Siberian dogwood (Cornus alba 'Argenteomarginata', syn. 'Elegantissima'): Creamy-white variegated foliage, showy red stems, 6 to 8 feet high and wide. Create New List; Description. Also the edges of the leaves of my small trees are all turning brown. Ivory Halo® Dogwood. Purchase your Ivory Halo Dogwood today! Positive: On Jul 16, 2005, kdjoergensen from Waxhaw (Charlotte), NC (Zone 7b) wrote: Item #429894 Model #027862. Tatarian dogwood is similar in appearance to redtwig dogwood (C. sericea/stolonifera), but generally does not spread as aggressively.Genus name comes from the Latin word cornu meaning horn in probable reference to the strength and density of the wood. A beloved symbol of spring, dogwood (Cornus florida) is a flowering tree or shrub that bursts into bloom with showy bracts in shades of white or pink. White-Margined Siberian dogwood (Cornus alba 'Argenteomarginata', syn. IVORY HALO is a tatarian dogwood cultivar that is noted for its compact size, variegated (white-edged) leaves and bright red twigs in winter. The Ivory Halo® Dogwood is a greatly improved version of the older variegated dogwoods, with a more compact habit and denser growth. Very small white flower clusters bloom in spring, followed by white/blue berries. It has a twiggy structure, with multiple branches coming from ground level. Tatarian dogwood is adaptable to most planting sites. These shrubs can be cut back very short (6 to 12 inches) in late winter or very early spring. Cornus alba 'Elegantissima' features gray-green leaves edged in … For general shaping, prune the shrub right after it has finished blooming up to July. Ivory Halo® Siberian dogwood (Cornus alba 'Bailhalo'): Varigated white and green foliage, rounded habit 5 to 6 feet high and wide. Ovate to elliptic leaves (to 4 1/2" long) are bright yellow in full sun but greenish yellow in part shade. Any loss of flowers through spring pruning is not terribly significant since the small flowers of this dogwood are small and rather ordinary. Now I am wondering if I prune them back heavily at this point if I will be cutting off buds for next season's growth. For an interesting bicolor winter stem display, combine with a contrasting stem color.Combine with yellowtwig dogwoods (e.g., Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea'). Red twig dogwood's bright red winter color really sings when it's planted near yellow-tinged evergreens such as arborvitae (Thuja spp.) Compact habit. Do an early spring fertilizer with a product such as Espoma Tree-tone or Plant-tone at the recommended rate this will give the plant a boost of nitrogen that will be needed for healthy abundant foliage. Quantity: in stock *No warranty on clearance items. Oct 10, 2019 - With different colors throughout the year the Ivory Halo Dogwood makes blue and white berries in the spring whose twigs turn a deep red in the winter. The adult midges emerge in May and the female deposits eggs in new terminal leaves. Royal Purple Smoke Tree . This fine-textured shrub is excellent for smaller planting areas.

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